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Update : want to reuse the plugin’s functions to display the age of members in your BP theme pages ? I wrote a snippet for that 🙂

English below

J’administre un site communautaire basé sur WordPress MU et Buddypress. Jusqu’à aujourd’hui j’ai toujours pu me procurer des plugins pour mettre en place les fonctionnalités dont j’avais besoin. Mais cette fois je cherchais à afficher les anniversaires des membres du site sur la page d’accueil, et à mon grand étonnement je n’ai rien trouvé.

J’ai donc décidé de développer mon premier Widget pour cette plate-forme : TDLC Birthdays

Le plugin est en français et en anglais (et en 7 autres langues :)), c’est pourquoi la suite du post, qui est est basée sur le readme du plugin, est en anglais…


WARNING: Since version 0.2, the plugin is designed for Buddypress 1.2. If you run an earlier version of Buddypress, please use version 0.1.7. Also, please note that Buddypress 1.5+ requires v0.3.2+ of the plugin.

This is a Plugin that creates a ‘Birthdays’ Widget that you can use in your Buddypress pages. Once you’ve created a datebox field in the Buddypress profiles and referenced it in the TLDC Birthdays widget settings, the widget will display the list of either all BP users or just the connected user’s friends whose birthday is today and also, if you like, the list of upcoming birthdays within the next n days. Plugin now supports Andy Peatling’s Buddypress Followers plugin when installed, so that you can also track the birthdays of people you follow.

So to sum up, in order to get things to work, you’ll need :

  • A birthday field in the Buddypress extended profile settings
  • Users to fill it out in their profiles
  • The TDLC Birthdays widget properly installed and set up (see Installation)

Remarks :

  • Localized! Currently English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Spanish languages are included. Many thanks to the translators!
  • Sounds obvious but in « display friends only » mode, as you only see your friend’s birthdays, you wont see your own birthday in the widget. This does not mean that your friends don’t see it either! Same thing goes with the Followers option.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Download the archive on the WordPress Plugin Directory and expand it.
  2. Upload the tdlc-birthdays folder into your wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. In your WordPress Administration Area, go to the Plugins page and click Activate for TDLC Birthdays
  4. In the Widgets page, you can now add the Birthday plugin wherver you like. Please note that the widget requires compulsory settings.


  • In order to get the widget working, you need to fill out the Birthday field Name (or ID). The Birthday field must have been previously created in the Buddypress profile page (and it should be a datebox type field). Of course, the users must also fill it out on their profile pages…
  • The other settings are self-explanatory (or at least I hope so).

140 thoughts on “Plugin Buddypress: TDLC Birthdays

  1. Reply Tom Août 1,2014 06:48

    Nope, sorry Bob! This plugin is quite old now and I can no longer actively support it.

  2. Reply Tom Août 1,2014 07:08

    Hey, thanks for sharing this Peter!
    I am no longer actively developing this plugin at the moment, but if I release a new version I’ll make sure your Dutch translation is included 🙂


  3. Reply Nino Jan 17,2015 18:10

    Ciao, e possibile aiutarmi a configurarlo? Grazie sono disperato

  4. Reply Tom Juin 11,2015 02:25

    Hello, sorry Nino I don’t speak Italian. There isn’t much to configure really, just tap in the center to set the speed and push the start button.

  5. Reply TiQuality Juil 3,2015 14:48

    Hello guys! I have a problem eith tdlc birthday. In the next birthdays users, its show using (m/d) and I need no show in the format (d/m). how can i change it? my wordpress is with the zone correct and the format too, is onle on the tdlc the wrong date. tks!! my version of tdlc is 0.4

  6. Reply Angel Alvarez Déc 1,2015 22:34

    Hi Tom;

    This is an awesome Plugin my respects for your great work. I would like to contribute with new ideas so could be possible for upcoming updates that this plugin would add birthday notifications on the rounded icon standarized for this purposes. I think it would be a great improvement.

  7. Reply Cleanto Déc 4,2018 07:09

    Hi Tom,

    This problem is still occuring to BP 4.0.0 with TDLC Birthdays 1.0.1.
    My users Birthday are showing one day before the actual date.

    [BUG] Fixed a date issue occuring when the main blog uses a GMT offset, causing the birth date to be displayed one day before or after the actual date. This issue was due to change in Buddypress. Thanks to Pisanojm and seballero.


  8. Reply Annoyed Fév 18,2019 13:11

    Has anyone figured out a way to resolve the Birthdays showing one day earlier? This is driving me nuts and it would be great if there was an actual fix for this, or an explanation on how to fix it ourselves.

  9. Reply Annoyed Mar 4,2019 14:29

    Anyone? Or is this plugin considered dead with no updates?

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